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How to Create the Dragan Effect in Photoshop

Give portraits a dramatic makeover in the style of Polish photographer Andrzej Dragan. This cool HDR-style effect can be accomplished in a matter of minutes in Photoshop.

Create a Pseudo HDR image

This tutorial will bring us through the steps in creating the HDR look from a single image in Photoshop, it takes just a few minutes to complete. Lets get started!

Beautiful lighting effects image

Beautiful Lighting Effect

Make your photo more impressive by adding some beautiful lighting effects in Adobe Photoshop. 

 Skin retouching tips in Photoshop CS4 imageSkin retouching tips in Photoshop CS4

A digital camera can be a very cruel tool that can capture way too much information. Most people would prefer their skin to appear smooth, but not featureless, and will thank the photographer when they can reveal a skin texture that does not shout its detail to the viewer.

How to Soften Skin with Surface Blur in Photoshop image

How to Soften Skin with Surface Blur in Photoshop

Many professional photo retouchers choose to use surface blur instead of gaussian blur when softening skin on portraits. This tutorial explains why and how to use surface blur.

Paint with fire image

Paint with Fire

Transform a simple model shot into a spitting, crackling, beacon of fire by following Neville D'Souza's practical tutorial and making the most of Photoshop's Adjustment Layers and Blending tools.

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